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Earn Unlimited Money With Clixsense Hack Tips And Tricks $100 $200 to $400 per month - how Increase earning

Earn Unlimited Money With Clixsense Hack Tips And Tricks $100 $200 to $400 per month - how Increase earning

Earn Unlimited Money With Clixsense $100 $200 to $400 per month.Clixsense pay you for Many PTC ads, Micro ads, Sticky ads,Complete task, Offers, and high pay for easy Surveys. Clixsense's referrals service is really great. You earn good profit just doing nothing and get good pay from your referrals. I can guarantee you My Good earning with Clixsense and also can show payment proves. It is my favourite site on internet because it is trusted site and really pay to their members

Hack's not means that you will wear black hat ,in right words hack's means you can done/solve your work/task with some tips and tricks


Hi i'm Gurmeet Singh from Punjab INDIA. First i searched alot about Clixsense then i joined. i'm doing online earning jobs for good payment and i'm successful person also.When i join this site i felt that it is for time pass, but after some time i impressed to this legit site because it pays really money. In short time, i earned many good pay and suggest to you that you can also earn online money with some legit sites.

Now i'm going to tell about clixsense earning tips tricks and all knowledge about earning system. So don't waste your time with other boring and few paid sites, just join clixsense for real earning many. it is the biggest and trusted earning sites by many ways.

Clixsense provides a good platform to earn money online on a large scale. We can earn money as we want because earning depends on us. If we solve more serveys and offers then we will get more money. Average Survey time is just 15-20min and they pay on one survey $0.75 to $4. You can earn normally $1 to $10 and even $50 per day. I made a lot of cash from has been around since 2007

Steps of start earning with Clixsense

1. Now click here for signup and start earning.
2. Fill your detail (DOB, name, email etc.) enter captcha and tick "i have read and agree" click on "Create account"
3. Then you will get an email and activate your account.
4. Now Log in, Update your profile detail and enjoy free earning.

Note - if you have no paypal or payza account , don;t worry. just type yet same email in paypal id box
Here is answer of = How to Increase Clixsense money Earning ?

1. Earn by PTC ads - if you don't know what is PTC ads, PTC means PAID TO CLICK. Clixsense pay you high money for click on some website & open for 3 to 60sec  some ads are micro(open for 3sec), many sticky and popular ads which pay you high than other earning websites.

2. Earn high money with surveys - Surveys are the most attractive and easy way of earning money. you should complete more serveys for more money, you will get $0.70 to $4 on each servey in just 15-20min.

3. Win dollar by Playing Clixgird Game - You can win really cash by clixgird Game, just click on image on any box and after 10sec it will tell you that you are a winner or not. It is not joke, i won many times good money

4. Earn money from offfers - Their you will see many offers by click on offers button (on top right side). You can earn many cents and dollar with complete these offers. it is also very easy method to earn , Sometimes they pay you rare amount of money.

5. Extra free earning with referrals - You have to concentrate over having more and more referrals under your account.You will get good amount of money just doing nothing by other members. for example if he earn $10 then you will get $1, If you are a upgrade member then you will get $4 within $10 . It is amazing.

6. Earn extra bonus - You will earnextra bonus also, just see it in right side on "My Account". It can be 7% to 14% of your earning. For Example - it you earn $14 daily and $1 extra will be add in your account per day.
There are some required "To-Do" actions every day

Bonus requirements -
1. Click at least 2 ads
2. Complete 2 offers
3. Complete 10 tasks (Optional), [If you complete 2 offers then there is no requirement to complete tasks.So you can complete 1 offer and 5 task as well].
4. 20 Clicks on Clixgrid Game.
5. Visit at least 1 Page of Clixsense Forum.

You can upgrade membership for $17.00 per year and make more unlimited money with clixsense. After upgrade account your earning will be double in referrals, PTC ads, offers & tasks and get more chance of surveys.


1- Clixsense always paid real money.
2- Never suspend members account.
3- Always Helps their members when they want to ask about any thing via forum or email support.
4- Provides many ways to earn unlimited.
5- Earning is free no investment needed
6. All countries accepted on this site
7. It is trusted and legit site in the world

After read this post, i'm sure that you will be also a good earner on Clixsense as me.  
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How many views can earn how much money on youtube ? explain

How many views can earn how much money on youtube ?

Internet earning is become very popular in all world, so this quistion is on everyone's lips that how many views can make how much money on youtube. You must know basic knowledge that i will gave here.

First of all you must have to Enable Monetization on your YouTube account, It's means you will allow Ads to appear on own videos, that will give you money. When you upload any video in your account, then you can enable Monetization on your YouTubr account.

First enable Monetization steps -
1. First of all log in your Youtube account.
2. Upload a video in your account.
3. Go to account features ( under ther feature section)
4. Now Monetization option will be show, click on Enable button and agree to Google's terms of service to continue.

Next you have to decide types of ads that you like to display with your videos. Mostly people choice overlay ads/in-display You can see ads show up on the right side of Youtube (graphical ads in the buttom third of the video), Trueviews in-stream (play before or after video almost for 30sec.) In-search Ad (placed above the organic listing and contain a little yellow ad box)

Pre-role - But now days people are very busy in life. They don't want to waste time in watchiing Ads, so they can skip ad after 4-5sec. But we can not view all user in same eye, because some don;t do anything and watch continue.

But i must say that Youtube's earning does not  depend on amount of views. It depends on people's click on a Ad or watching a Ad for more than 30sec. Thats why advertisers choose ads on a CPC (cost per click) or CPV (cost per view) model.

Now i'm going to tell you - Types of Ads for Youtube in earning view

CPC : (cost per click) These ads make money on amount of clicks. In this method an advertiser gets money based on ad clicks. For more views you can be partner with YouTube's MCN, ask for donation, sell stuff etc. Mostly CPS of an ad is nearly $0.001. I would like to say that more clicks earn more money.
For example - if you get $2 with 1000 clicks, then you will make $10 for 5000 views.
Other example - if your CPC rate is $1 then you will earn $1000 on 1000ad clicks, so it's amazing for your website or blog.

CPV : (cost per view) Second way is different from CPC. In this ad, an advertiser get money based on number of views. Its mean when someone watches youtube Ad before starting video for almost 30sec or half time of the ad, If somebody clicks on same ad more than one and watches that Ad 100times but advertiser would not get more mone, because it's earning based on amount of views

Does putting ads on your Youtube videos reduce the number of views that any Youtube video gets?

Now i will tell you that it does not necessarily reduce the amount of video's views, Because first keep in mind, Youtube user who click on your videos don't know yet that here will be on Ad. But it can reduce the watch time, may be user go back. If you want to watch your videos to people is more important than views, then you will lose comments, user's suggest etc. But if your focus on earn money then you can put any Ad on every video

I think this post will be helpful for you,
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Remove/Unfriend All Facebook Friends in one Click

How to Remove/Unfriend All Facebook Friends in Single Click

if you want to unfriend your all facebook friends then i have a new fresh trick for this task.
Today i will teach you, how can you do unfriend all fb friend with hack extension

1. First open your Google Chrome browser
2. Download an extension Click here
3. Then click open this extension and a new tab will be open click on "OK"
4. Now new window will open toolkit , then click on "Free Removal Tools"
5. Finally, click on "Unfriend All The Friends At Once" and DONE !!!

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Facebook shortcut key fro Mozilla and Google Chrome

 Keyboard ShortCuts For Facebook use

                  In modern era, Facebook is very famous social networking site. where most people spend lots of their time. So now i'm going to share some usefull keyboards shortcuts for Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox users

just read and understand

Mozilla Firefox

    Shift+Alt+1: View your News Feed
    Shift+Alt+2: View your own Profile
    Shift+Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requests
    Shift+Alt+4: View pop-up of messages
    Shift+Alt+5: View pop-up of notifications
    Shift+Alt+6: View Account Settings
    Shift+Alt+7: View Privacy Settings
    Shift+Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profile
    Shift+Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.
    Shift+Alt+0: Open Facebook Help Center


Google Chrome

    Alt+1: View your News Feed
    Alt+2: View your own Profile
    Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requests
    Alt+4: View pop-up of messages
    Alt+5: View pop-up of notifications
    Alt+6: View Account Settings
    Alt+7: View Privacy Settings
    Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profile
    Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.

Verify Facebook Fan page in one click easy steps

How to Verify Facebook Fan page in easy steps

If you also wanna verify your fb page and want to get official tick on page, Here is a simple trick for this

Requirements For verify page

a). Your Page Must have a great number of likes
b). If you have any your website then you must put it into your page like box.
c). Your fb page must be active.
d). You must have advertised on Facebook.. !!

1. First log in your account
2. Then click below on link for verified request
click here for submit your request for verification 
3. Then select your page and submit a ID proof and a website.
4. After this, wait to recieve an email. DONE !

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Change facebook profile name before 60days ?

How to Change facebook profile name before 60days ?

Facebook not allowed to change account name soo many times
Here s official way to change your fb id name before 60day

Just follow these steps -
1. Open your facebook account
2. Go to General Setting and Edit Name
3. Then Fill a form for change your account name ,you can directly go on this page CLICK HERE

4. Now you have to upload copy of your official government id proof (like driving license, voter id card, pan card, aadhar card,  or other government-issued id).
5. After send your proof your name will be change in next 2-3 hours

Note : Your name on proof must be same which you want to apply as new name

Verify two facebook accounts with one number

How to Verify 2 facebook accounts with one number

Yes it will be strange in listen but now i'm telling you trick for verify 2 fb id with one mobile number

1. You must verify both accounts with email
2. Then open your email verify account and deactivate fb account
3. For deactivate - Setting=>Security=>Deactivate
4. Then open your new account which you want to verify
5. Now verify new account with same number
6. After verify you can Re-active your old account also
7. Now your both fb accounts has been verify with same mobile number.

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