Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How many views can earn how much money on youtube ? explain

How many views can earn how much money on youtube ?

Internet earning is become very popular in all world, so this quistion is on everyone's lips that how many views can make how much money on youtube. You must know basic knowledge that i will gave here.

First of all you must have to Enable Monetization on your YouTube account, It's means you will allow Ads to appear on own videos, that will give you money. When you upload any video in your account, then you can enable Monetization on your YouTubr account.

First enable Monetization steps -
1. First of all log in your Youtube account.
2. Upload a video in your account.
3. Go to account features ( under ther feature section)
4. Now Monetization option will be show, click on Enable button and agree to Google's terms of service to continue.

Next you have to decide types of ads that you like to display with your videos. Mostly people choice overlay ads/in-display You can see ads show up on the right side of Youtube (graphical ads in the buttom third of the video), Trueviews in-stream (play before or after video almost for 30sec.) In-search Ad (placed above the organic listing and contain a little yellow ad box)

Pre-role - But now days people are very busy in life. They don't want to waste time in watchiing Ads, so they can skip ad after 4-5sec. But we can not view all user in same eye, because some don;t do anything and watch continue.

But i must say that Youtube's earning does not  depend on amount of views. It depends on people's click on a Ad or watching a Ad for more than 30sec. Thats why advertisers choose ads on a CPC (cost per click) or CPV (cost per view) model.

Now i'm going to tell you - Types of Ads for Youtube in earning view

CPC : (cost per click) These ads make money on amount of clicks. In this method an advertiser gets money based on ad clicks. For more views you can be partner with YouTube's MCN, ask for donation, sell stuff etc. Mostly CPS of an ad is nearly $0.001. I would like to say that more clicks earn more money.
For example - if you get $2 with 1000 clicks, then you will make $10 for 5000 views.
Other example - if your CPC rate is $1 then you will earn $1000 on 1000ad clicks, so it's amazing for your website or blog.

CPV : (cost per view) Second way is different from CPC. In this ad, an advertiser get money based on number of views. Its mean when someone watches youtube Ad before starting video for almost 30sec or half time of the ad, If somebody clicks on same ad more than one and watches that Ad 100times but advertiser would not get more mone, because it's earning based on amount of views

Does putting ads on your Youtube videos reduce the number of views that any Youtube video gets?

Now i will tell you that it does not necessarily reduce the amount of video's views, Because first keep in mind, Youtube user who click on your videos don't know yet that here will be on Ad. But it can reduce the watch time, may be user go back. If you want to watch your videos to people is more important than views, then you will lose comments, user's suggest etc. But if your focus on earn money then you can put any Ad on every video

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