Sunday, 13 December 2015

Block Facebook Account in 1sec one click

Block Someone's Facebook Account in 1sec one click

If you want to block someone's facebook id permanently then here i will tell you a amazing trick for this.
Just read this post carefully

1. First that person should in your contact, i means you can message him. Like inbox ,whatsapp or any other social site.
2. Then send him this link  http://34255353309
3. Ask him to comment this link on any facebook post. (it is very important)
4. When he/she will comment this on any facebook post, his/her facebook account will be permanently suspended by Facebook.

Note - Don't try it with your account
account will be blocked because it is a secret number in facebook Bookmark this blog for latest fb hack tips tricks
if you have any question about hack post then please comment :) we will happy to help you

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