Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hack any Facebook Page in single click

How to hack any Facebook Page in one click

If there is any your favourite page on facebook and you want to be owner of this page then you dream will be true in one click.
Yes, i have a new tricks to hack any facebook fan page of great likes. Bookmark it for new top tricks

Lets come on steps -

1. Log in your facebook account.
2. Then do contact with page's owner or send a link (write below) in page;s inbox, admin will see it.

3. Before send, replace PAGEID to That page id which you want hack
    and replace YOURPROFILEID to your facebook profile address

4. After sent , it admin clicks on this link then you will be admin of that page.
5. Now don;t waste your time and remove all other admin from the page.

6. Now you are the only admin and owner of that page. ENJOY LATEST TRICK !!!

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